Everything that You Need to Know About the Middle Eastern Cookbook

Middle Eastern cooking happens to be the primary source of Western cuisine. As per modern nutritional opinion, Middle Eastern cooking is the perfect diet and the eastern extension of the Mediterranean Basin. The Middle Eastern Cookbook contains an illustration of different recipes from the Middle Eastern countries.

The Exclusive Features of the Book

Some of the most exclusive features of the Middle Eastern Cookbook include:
• Covers the cooking of more than 19 countries.
• More than 500 recipes included in the book.
• Each chapter of the book offers an insight into the cooking procedures, lifestyle and the food of a specific area.
• The chapters also include the snippets of country history.
• The glossary containing a complete guide to the Middle East ingredients.
• The procedure of producing delectable meals from fascinating Middle East cultures.
• Carefully tested recipes explained in steps that can be followed very easily.
• Dishes are explained in 80 wonderful photographs.
• The pages in this book guide the readers through a wide scope of food from the Middle East.
• The photographs and the recipes in this book show the procedure of using familiar foods in exciting and new ways.
• The chapters in the Middle Eastern Cookbook explain the right procedure of using the right ingredients in authentic and delicious dishes.

Cooking Procedures Covered in the Book


Cooking procedures of the following Middle Eastern Countries countries have been covered in the Middle Eastern Cookbook:
• Cyprus
• Greece
• Armenia
• Turkey
• Lebanon
• Syria
• Iraq
• Jordan
• Kuwait
• Bahrain
• United Arab Emirates
• Saudi Arabia
• Yemen
• Qatar
• Egypt
• Oman
• Afghanistan
• Iran


The Recipes Demonstrated in the Book

Some of the most exclusive recipes demonstrated in the book include:

• Unusual and wonderful dishes from Afghanistan
• Vegetable and meat pies wrapped in delicate and crisp filo sheets and pastry bread or doughs.

Food recipes from the Middle East are known for their diverse colors and flavors. The Middle Eastern Cookbook gives readers the option of enjoying the titillating meals from these countries right from the comforts of their homes.