What was your real work? You asked the question so often that the question itself became a form of work. You found yourself tunnelling through a mountain of words. Then out of the tunnel you came smuggling your dubious hoard, over the barriers and across the fields, and looked around, halfway between your destination and everything you left unfinished.

3 Responses to About

  1. Some beautiful prose here: poetical, if that’s not a slur, it’s meant to be a compliment.

  2. I’m in awe of your writing… beautiful stuff.

  3. Bruce Clements

    The last word on words is that there is only one “thing” anywhere and everywhere, and that “thing” can best be referred to as “The NoThing”.

    Which statement requires of each of us a lifetime of exploration, exposition and exploration, or from all “things” essentially, as this “NoThing” is just the opposite of “unconscious”; that is it is all-knowing and all that can be known.

    (And one suspects that there may be no great coincedence in those homophones “no” and “know”; that there is no serendipity in the fact that if you ask a person if he or she wants to go somewhere, for example, and he or she says “I don’t know,” the words may be intrepreted “I’m using a different form of the word, but you must know that while I prefer not to use the exact term or speak it directly, what I really mean is ‘no’.”)

    And so, as ever and always, the last word is nothing–part of the all encompassing illusion–just as the end of any conversation is only the beginning of an infinite number of other possible and further discussions which will lead one–as all words do–ever further from True NoThingness and thus, necessarily, back to the lie that is OurSelves.

    An aquaintence once told me I had described Yosemite precisely because I had said, basically, that the vista upon first coming out of a tunnel and seeing the valley spread out in front of me was “indescriable”. So, to paraphrase Beckett–or maybe he said this explicitly as I haven’t read everthing he wrote–one says all one can say about NoThing by saying that one can’t say enough.

    (Too literal?)

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